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P2P Sports is one of the premier club 7v7 organizations in the country. Each year, P2P Sports sponsors a 7on7 travel football club consisting of top players throughout the state of Indiana. It is our goal that every player will experience development in their skill, understand teamwork, and build an offseason resume for college coaches. Our 7on7 players receive a great deal of exposure by traveling to the top tournaments across the nation.

+ Over 60 Division One Athletes Since 2011

+ 5x IMG National Championship Qualifier

+ 9 All Americans Since 2011

+ 3 Club Teams - Indiana, Kansas City, Texas

+ 2013 IMG Chicago 7v7 Regional Champion

+ 2013 IMG Midwest Regional Runner-Up

+ 2015 Pylon Ohio Final Four

+ 2017 Elite 7evens Final Four

+ 2014 Indiana Mr. Football

+ 2016 Indiana Mr. Football


P2P 7v7

Grades: 6th -12th athletes are eligible to participate in the 7v7 program.

Students not enrolled in school or who are academically ineligible are not allowed to enroll and play.





Tuition covers all training/practice sessions, team gear, 7v7 uniforms, and 4 Tournaments.  Additional expenses include, travel, and hotel.

  • Players are required to wear P2P issued gear to all training/practices and competitions. Mouthpieces are also mandatory for competitions.

  • No one is  allowed on the practice or game field without prior approval of P2P Staff.

  • 2 unexcused absences can result in forfeiture of your roster spot without refund.

  • Players must have tuition paid in full or have made payment arrangements prior to participating in a competitive event.

  • Roster Deposits are due upon notification of player selection.

  • Full Tuition of $350 is due by February 26, 2023.

Roster spots are secure with full tuition payments or an executed payment plan agreement. Any missed payments can result in forfeiture of your roster spot without refund.


For payment questions and arrangements please contact: 317-486-9971


The final round of open practice for Team 2023 is on February 19th, at Blackwell Park starting at 5:00PM, P2P 7v7 is open to student-athletes in 12U 15U and 18U for $25.

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